Bio ethanol burner

Find the right bio ethanol burner fireplace for your apartment or home. A bio ethanol fireplace based on bio ethanol has many advantages over a conventional wood fireplace. A fireplace with bio ethanol is available for your apartment or home and gives a real fireplace feeling without the disadvantages such as soot or dirt. Thus, in a bio ethanol fireplace is no cleaning necessary. In addition, the use of a bio-ethanol fireplace is very easy: unpack, set, or hang it up, fill with fuel and light, that is all.

And unlike a traditional wood fireplace with an open chimney, you also need no approval. The fireplace is supplied fully assembled and ready to be used. If you would like more information about our bio ethanol burners for your fireplace, there is a complete range of different products online. This naturally includes the necessary equipment and accessories.

We sell the perfect bio ethanol burner for your do-it-yourself project. Our burners have already been incorporated into beautiful brickwork and woodwork in many living rooms or outdoor spaces. Very interesting for handymen and people who really want to make something unique. An ethanol burner immediately describes its function, it is a burner that is filled with bio-ethanol. Then light the burner and enjoy the fire for hours.

View our bio ethanol burner for your project here! If the electricity goes out, you will still stay warm with this beautiful burner, which does not require electricity. This is of course a huge advantage, especially in winter. This way, if something happens, you don’t have to miss out on heat.

Sitting around a fireplace with family gives an extra cozy and nice feeling. It brings people together and puts them at ease. Bring the feeling of a campfire into your home, maybe it will bring you closer together! Our fireplaces run on bio-ethanol. This means that bio ethanol is burned in the combustion chamber of the fireplaces and this creates a beautiful flame.

Bio ethanol instead of wood ensures that you do not need an extraction system and you can place the burners and decorative fireplaces in every room of your house or office. You will also not have any mess in your firebox afterwards, but your burner will simply be burned clean. Fantastic if you want a nice fire at a party or birthday and don’t want any unnecessary junk in the room afterwards.

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